How To Choose The Right Papers For Color Printing

Published: 28th March 2012
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Finding the right paper for promotional marketing printing can be confusing. If your company uses an online printing service this guide will help you understand how to select the best papers for printing business cards, postcards, flyers and brochures. You should know the difference between coated and uncoated papers, paper weights, available finishes and custom eye candy Wow Factor Effect options. You will create a higher response rate if your promotions are unique and demand a second look.

There are lots of online colors printing services. Many offer different paperweights, coatings and finishes for their standard "house" papers. The fact is, many print buyers donít know what options are available that will give you a bigger bang for your buck. New buyers generally go online to find the cheapest price. Savvy print buyers know the added value of searching for greater value by choosing from a large variety of types of papers, paper weights and coatings that are available and how they increase the potential for a higher dollar conversions rate The question is do you want your companyís advertising, sales and marketing literature for the cheapest price or the best value and highest return on your investment?

Choosing the right paper can improve the brightness, sharpness and the feel of the final printed job. Choosing a light weight paper may cost a bit more, but it will also feel cheap, and thatís not a good way to make a positive impression.

If youíre printing business cards, postcards, rack cards or any jobs requiring a heavy card stock your best choice for projecting top of the line quality printing on heavy 14 pt or perhaps even, heavier 16 pt card cardstock, that is available from just a few online color printing services. Coated card stock is referred to as "C1S" meaning coated one side; C2S indicates the coating is on both sides.

A few online printing services offer a free upgrade to a heavier 16 pt. card stock. Coated paper is made with a finely polished clay coating that sits on the top of the sheet. The benefit of coating is that the ink sits on top of the coating so it creates a very sharp pattern. Some printers with newer presses use stochrastic screens that are 500 dpi (dots per inch) as opposed to the older conventional screens that are only 150 dpi. The higher the dpi the sharper and brighter the printing. Your monitor is 72 dpi.

Printing services using newer press can offer a free upgrade to aqueous coating or high gloss UV coating for a shinny finish. Matte/dull finish, which is a excellent standard finishes and is also a good choice, particularly if you plan on writing on the card, as with appointment cards. Since matte coating doesn't reflect light like gloss UV coating, it might be more appropriate for a more conservative look. Other optional finishes for more bang are spot UV coating, metallic silver ink (PMS 877C) and gold, silver foil. EveryColor foil is a new foil process that makes any CYMK color Foil. It can even make blended foil color and can be use selectively as a spot coating.

Think about papers that add a unique custom look that will enhance appearance of your cards. Some smart choices are elegant smooth finished silk laminated cards, EndurAce water proof paper for outdoor use, magnet cards that stick around for a long time and 20 pt. plastic cards available in clear, frosted or white. For an eco-friendly green option there is 100 Lb. linen card stock, 70 Lb. linen paper stock or 70 lb premium uncoated text. For a knockout punch go with 3D/4D LenTec lenticular animated cards.

If you are printing flyers, brochures, booklets or any promotional literature requiring a lighter quality paper then 100 LB gloss book weight is your best choice for a top quality for 4-color printing. This weight paper is cheap and heavy enough not curl, it also has minimum show through and feels expensive. It is should be available with standard free aqueous coating which seals and protects the piece from scuffing and scratching or with optional UV coating, spot aqueous coating or satin aqueous coating for a smooth finish.

Most book weight papers are also available in matching cover weights. If you'd like a heavier paper than 100 LB gloss book weight but lighter than 14 or 16 Pt card stock and |is just too heavy or you want a stiffer cover on a multi-page booklet or catalog then your best choice is matching 100 LB cover weight.

There are certainly other good papers you can use however, these papers are chosen because they are the most popular weights for a quality look and feel. These papers are the most common stocks used by online gang run printers. They are standard house stocks bought by the carload for the lowest price. Gang run printing combines many jobs using the same paper and quantities on one large "parent" sheet. All participants share the cost of the press run, thereby offering the best value high quality four-color printing. You only pay for the real estate you use on the press.

Choosing the wrong paper stock can be costly and frustrating. Consider the paper stock a key factor when printing any advertising, sales and branding and marketing literature, The bottom line is to remember although price is important, value is even much more important to get that second look that captures the eye of a new potential customer.

Marketing professionals with big custom printing budgets uses expensive custom printing services to get attention. Small and medium sized business can level the playing field using an online printing company that provides unique wholesale priced high value quality color printing services that are fast and easy to use.. To learn more and see other great attention getting special printing effects go to

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